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Aptoide is a marketplace for Android devices to offers millions of free of cost apps

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Aptoide is an open-source community-driven play store for searching and downloading apps or games in the easier and fastest way. It offers a lot of amazing features as you can create your store, upload your own created apps, and also like or comment on other apps as well. According to the app, it has 200 million users; 6 billion downloads while offering one million apps and games. You will find a wide choice of selecting applications like the Google Play Store.

Community recommendations make the selection choice easy and most trusted apps are tagged with green color to give you the ease of mind to select easily; games, HD wallpapers, productivity tools, social-sharing apps, and a lot of others.

The home screen is quite the same as the Google Play store, which makes the users familiarize themselves with the UI. The main window offers different categories of applications that allow you to search any app using the search bar or scrolling down the page. You can check the currently downloading apps by pressing the ‘pending apps’ tab. A tutorial is available for you to process on the play store. The UI is including with categories, banners, and popular apps. You will find the app’s description, title; publish year, category, author name, and other such detail as well. Regular updates are part of the app and customized recommendations are delivered with time-to-time on Facebook as well.

The Aptoide app is equipped with unlimited apps that have passed security tests for protecting your device. It is free of any type of spyware or malware and tagged the green color to the apps that are approved by security tests. Developers try to create the most authentic virus-free app store by implementing validated and protected layers.

It enables you to download apps that can’t be possible with the Google Play store. You can easily bypass the error and download the apps or games and if you don’t like the latest version, no problem, go back to the previous version. The app allows users to create their stores for creating or sharing their apps. You can share the apps with original content or use your customized name, logo, color, and theme, and get your followers to give rise highly to your application. You can like or comment on other apps and communicate with them and start collaborating.

Searching for Aptoide apps is easy; type the name of the app in the search box or search the app by the developer’s name, and you can filter the required apps as well. The app offers the fastest downloading speed. In case of any error, just open the ‘pending apps tab’ and cancel downloading of some unnecessary apps. The error will be fixed and the download will start in the same way. You will find regular updates on the main screen and Facebook integration make it easier to get streamed line updates about the app.