Facebook Lite

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Facebook Lite gives fast access to your social network even poor internet connection

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Facebook Lite is the official client of Facebook for keeping in touch with your friends and a lot of new people to enhance your social circle. The app is the best for low-power Android as well as poor network connectivity. The quick installation process while occupying a tiny space on your device makes the app a wizard. The official Facebook introduce the Facebook Lite for multiple reasons; it works reliably at minimum bandwidth, slow or unstable networks, and supports the functionality of Facebook for all types of Android. It is mostly used in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe.

The interface is simply sticking to basic features related to social media. The floating button on the right bottom has been changed to a status posting bar on the top side of the UI. The layout is similar to the original one with basic tabs; News Feed, Friend Requests, Messages, Notifications, Searches, and the User Menu. Unlike the official app, you can send messages without installing the Messenger application. The profile photo is not displayed in the notification panel; instead, it offers a low-resolution image for informing you about the likes and comments on your posts via your friends. The grey interface with a combination of blue and white is designed in a semi-modern style. The downside of the app, you do have not the video call service that was announced to add in 2018, and it can’t be used for iPhones.

Social media apps are the most wanted networks around the world. Several social media platforms require a strong network. In the case of living with a spotty connection area, using the Facebook app with just a 2MB size enables one to avail of all the functionalities found in Facebook. It can run on a 2G connection reliably.

You can log in the Facebook Lite using the existing account, add unlimited people to your friend list. Upload your stories for the time limit you like, share your photos on your timeline, connect with people via liking or commenting on their posts, accessing to social events and RSVP is possible, enjoy the safety and fool-proof privacy features, and a lot of other such features are for you.

Additionally, you can avail yourself of the opportunity of enhancing your business community via uploading related photos about your business and other details. You can increase your friend’s list and spread your local business on an international level.

Send and receive animated GIFs are now possible. You can customize the app chat settings to custom colors, text colors, and chat emojis avoiding the standard blue color of Facebook. You can do this from the ‘info button’ that is housed on the top corner of the UI.

No need of updating the app manually, it updates automatically, and you will find amazing changes with time.