Calibre eBook Management

for Business and Office Tools 7.14.0
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Calibre eBook Management is an electronic book viewer, manager, and converter

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Download the latest version of Calibre eBook Management for your PC Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. Calibre is an electronic book viewer, manager, and converter. It’s the top user choice for e-book management as users say that Calibre eBook is the most powerful, and outstanding and must have eBook managing software for PC/Desktop Windows.

Powerful Features

The most important features are 

  • Save your time while managing your eBooks on a PC
  • User can use this everywhere with anything
  • Most powerful and comprehensive eBook viewer
  • Download anything like magazine or news from the web through this Calibre eBook
  •  You can easily manage, back up your eBook Library and share it with anyone at any time
  • Most importantly it’s possible to edit your eBook from your managed library
  • If you need you can get the e-support according to your satisfaction 

History of Calibre eBook Management

caliber was started in the United States on October 31, 2006, soon after the release of the SONY PRS-500, the first e-ink-based reader to be sold commercially. Before this and at that time PRS-500 did not work at all with the Linux operating system, so the developer decided to reverse engineer the USB protocol that it used, to get it working on Linux. With the help of the fine folks over at calibre was born, albeit named libprs500

New Improved Features in version 7.4.0

  • Support for Supernote A6X2 has been added
  • Improved Narrow layout: Now cover browser will place above the book list on the narrow aspect ratio of window can be controlled via Preferences->Look & feel->Cover browser
  • Category notes browser: Add a button to search for books
  • Press (Alt+Shift+L) to toggle main window layout
  • For browser sort functions Assign keyboard shortcuts to the tag
  • Cover browser do to not closed on separate window
  • Comments in the Book details panel
  • Fix highlighting of special characters