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for Windows 3.0.222
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NetCut PC defends your WiFi network from any intruders who have reached it through IP.

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Free Download 3.0.222
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NetCut PC Download defends your WiFi network from any intruders who have reached it through IP. Most poweful, outstanding and easy tool fo Windows 11/10/8/ and 7. This is the only tool that can 100% guaranteed success protect you and your user ARP SPOOFIng. This Windows software tool can find who is on your Wifi network in seconds. it is also very helpful to find intruders and kick them off from your WiFi network. This tool can controle the speed of Wifi networks, Most important and the best things is that this software is 100%  free to download on your PC Computer/labtops running Windows 11/10/8, and 7.

NetCut PC Download most important Functions

NetCut CONTROL the RISK: Netcut PC Download is very helpful for detecting network security, IP/MAC address mapping, and SmartPhone/iPhone/Android/Windows surface brands in your network, including their MAC address.

Control the Speed: When it runs on Windows 10/11 will provide the full netCut feature within a hotspot.  Speed Control, App blocking, lagswitch. 

100% Guarantee:  The only tool that can 100% guarantee your protection from’s NetCut cut and other ARP spoofing attacks. 

NetCut for Android — Full-feature NetCut (including protection) on your Google Smart Phone.

Powerful & Easy : NetCut PC Download is Free, Fast, Powerful and  Easy to cut.

Easy to Protect : Thsi software is very easy to protect Note.

Grant Root Access : NetCut requires your phone to be rooted and grant Root access to NetCut. i.e: superuser  Support  from Android 2.3.3

How NetCut MAC address checker works 

Ethernet hardware addresses are 48 bits, expressed as 12 hexadecimal digits (0-9, plus A-F, capitalized).

These 12 hex digits consist of the first/left 6 digits (which should match the vendor of the Ethernet interface within the station) and the last/right 6 digits which specify the interface serial number for that interface vendor.