Facebook for Windows

for Social Messaging and Chat 2023.531.1.0
Downloads : 1,669 - September 15, 2023 - Facebook, Inc - 2.47 MB Freeware

Facebook PC allows you to access your account without a web browser

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Facebook for Windows is compatible with PCs. Thanks to an uncomplicated design and clear interface, you can easily browse social networks. The left-hand tabbed menu directs us to user activities as well as pages to follow; from here, you may request friends, send messages, receive notifications, search for people, and access the user menu. You can send and receive messages without having to download a messenger app. You can add your thoughts, images, or anything else in the “What’s on your mind” box.

Status on Facebook for Windows

Your status, a text box that appears beneath your cover photo on your profile page and at the top of your timeline, is used for a variety of purposes. In your preferences, you can prevent certain people from viewing certain statuses or from seeing your entire profile. You can update your friends in the status box in whatever way you choose, showing what you’re doing, watching, or doing. Tag a friend you’re out with, and their friends will be able to see it as well. Your statuses are liked, commented on, and shared by your friends.

Fan on Facebook for Windows

The app organizes sites of well-known personalities such as actors, sorters, TV series, and movies, among other things, so that you can become a fan. Users can also create group pages to share information with others.

Edit Profile

You can edit your profile once you’ve created an account. Your name, birthday, location, workplace, school, and relationship status will all be entered. Upload a profile photo and a cover photo, which will appear behind your profile picture as a wide banner. Add links to other social media sites, such as Instagram and Twitter, and share posts straight from those sites as a status update on your Facebook profile.

Shared Quickly

You can Share everything from your computer. Quickly upload photographs or videos from your phone and share every detail of your life. Supported Video formats are: avi, MP4, and mov.

Add Friends on Facebook for Windows

After you’ve completed your profile, you can look for friends by typing their names or email addresses into the search box. When you discover the person you’re looking for, simply click the “add friend” option to send them a message. They’ll be able to see your profile, and you’ll be able to see theirs once they’ve authorized your request. You can unfriend someone as well as friend them.

Warning on Sensitive Videos

News websites and other businesses with Facebook for Windows PC accounts occasionally publish videos with potentially sensitive topics. Fortunately, Facebook has flagged the video with a warning, so you’ll know before you start watching it. Send messages to friends through Facebook Messenger, formerly known as Facebook Chat, if you wish to communicate with them more confidentially.

Texting, Audio, and Video Calls

You can use the standalone Facebook Messenger app on iOS and Android, or you can utilize a pop-out chat box on Facebook online. You may also video call and chat with your buddies. Groups are a fantastic tool for both leisure and business. You can start a public or private group for any topic and invite people to join. By sharing statuses, images, polls, and links, you may engage with everyone at the same time. If you’re at a concert and want to share the experience with your friends, you can stream live from the venue.