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Facebook Apk keeps in contact with people, and upload photos on the timeline

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Facebook Apk is the Android application that connects you with the entire world and big source of social media. The fastest and easiest way of sharing your photos, images, receive likes and comments from your friends. Upload your activities on your story and watch the stories of others also. No doubt, Facebook is one of the most favorite platforms for young to old with interesting activities. Enhance your friend list and convey your opinion around the world.

The login process is very easy using your Google account. Enter your username and password and launch the app; put your profile photo in the profile section. This is the time to celebrate your every moment with a lot of people whom you know personally and some who are physically stranger, but they become part f your life. You can upload your selfie or photos right from the camera of your device and they are saved. Update your status, upload posts on your News Feed or Your Story, and get a lot of likes and comments from your followers as well as fans. Send friend requests to a lot of people and receives confirmation from them and watch their online stuff from the popular social media platform.

Multiple updates on Facebook like Facebook Pages and business pages are for enhancing your business community. A lightweight version, named Facebook Lite with the same features is available for low-quality devices. Facebook Pages allows you to introduce your job, work skill, or other literary content. You can upload information about your business and receive a lot of customers. In this way, you can enhance your local business to an international level.

Subscribe or follow your favorite Sportsmen, TV Stars, Film actors, Brands, TV Shows, news channels, and know about daily life and new updates. You can watch live streaming and enjoy the current and latest happenings around the world. You can update yourself about your activities using the ‘Notification’ feature. You can know about the friends who like or comment on your post, what are the activities of others, and you can view these notifications on the home screen of your device.

You can organize your account as you like with the privacy option. Set your photos and other such content for the people only whom you like to watch from the ‘secret photo album’ option. Facebook gaming option offers multiple interesting free-of-cost games for you to play exclusively or play with your friends and spend your time in a more effective way. Another interesting update is added, go to ‘Legacy Contact’ select a person from your friend list, and add it as Legacy Contact. It is the person who will carry on your account even when you are expired. Parents also have some interesting updates as they can select the people who can watch the photos of their kids, and parents can tag the photo of their baby.