Whatsapp Plus APK extension

for Android 24.5.78
Downloads : 8,123 - April 21, 2024 - Heymods - 105.17 MB Freeware

Whatsapp Plus APK extension is one of the most authentic modded version of the original Whatsapp.

105.17 MB
Free Download 24.5.78
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Whatsapp Plus APK extension is one of the most authentic modded versions of the original Whatsapp. As we know, with the invention of the mobile phone, a great revolution has arisen that has changed the way of the communication system. We can contact our related people and even new people from any part of the world easily.

Advanced Features & Security

One thing that became a critical issue along with this stunning communication system is security. For this purpose, developers tried to invent different solutions. No doubt WhatsApp become the first and foremost solution to recover this entire critical situation.
WhatsApp offers multiple updates from time to time. But it is also true, there is not something new or amazing with its updates. So, 3rd-parties came into action, and offered multiple modded versions. WhatsApp Plus is one of them with great popularity. It offers a lot of advanced features that are not available in the official app.

About Whatsapp Plus APK extension

Rafalete is the person who developed the app in 2012, and then two other persons; HeyMods and AlexMods also developed their versions of Whatsapp Plus. In the HeyMods version, it takes some internal space for additional resources. The AlexMods consisted of the zip file, but it was not compatible with all types of devices. The app is very quickly famous and millions of people download it for its stunning features.

Whats Plus APK extension offers a lot of new features that are not available on the Whatsapp platform. The anti-ban feature makes it safe from banning by the official app. Whatsapp can’t trust a lot of modded versions and easily ban them, as Whatsapp Plus also tried to shut down in 2015 because of cease cease-dist order. But, the developer Jimodes with so-called antiban properties has saved it from the banning situation.
Specifically, the app is the best choice for users, who can’t be satisfied with the typical UI of the latter. You will find multiple customizing options to change the entire app according to your specifications. Select eye-catching themes from the library of 700 themes to personalize your chatting screen, change the color of text, buttons, and graphics, and edit the headers, chat screen, and main cover as you like.

Special Features

Hiding is the most appreciated feature introduced by the developers. It enables you to hide your online status, view status, double ticks, blue ticks, typing status, recording audio status, blue mic status, and so on.

A wide calling option gives you access to up to 8 people at one time. This option is available for audio/video calls and group calling. You can use the anti-revoke messaging option for reading the deleted messages from your sender.

Make your communication skills better by using emoticons in your chat. A wonderful selection of emoticons is added to Whatsapp Plus from Google Hangouts can make your conversation more impressive. These emoticons can be sent to the person who has a Whatsapp Plus account only.

Forget the limitation of sending material to your contacts as it is in the official app. You can avail of the facility of sending 50MB files, 250 characters for messages, and 10 image files in full resolution to multiple contacts.