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Whatsapp, an instant messaging app with audio/video call and unlimited sharing options

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WhatsApp Messenger is the most authentic, reliable, and private platform for keeping around 2 billion people in touch around the world. It is cross-platform to work on all digital devices like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and desktop PC and enables them to message to or from any device while working on the same network. Audio and video calls are the key components of the app for you to call your friend and family from any part of the world for free.

The Enormous global user-based app has eliminated the old texting plan while encrypted messaging system. It makes your chatting secure no matter it is in a personal form or in a group. No doubt, it is instant and reliable as you need not chat one by one with your contact. Just create a group of related people and chat and share media with them simultaneously. You can use the in-built image compressor for compressing your images automatically. You can join groups created by others also and easily leave them if they are not effective for you.

WhatsApp Messenger APK is a secured app with an end-to-end encryption system. It offers some advanced features for keeping your privacy fool-proof; use fingerprint lock. Open the app’s settings, tap Account>Privacy and click the ‘Lock’ option at the bottom and enabled it. Similarly, enabling as well as disabling of preview sender is possible. You can accept or decline the invitation to any group means no one can add you to a group without your permission. You can view the name of an incoming call even during busy on another call and disconnect it.

The app has made the communication system easier and simpler as you can type a message for sending your contacts and if you are in a hurry or your typing speed is slow then use the ‘voice message’ option. Press a small image of the mic on your chat screen, hold it, and say whatever you want to send. Upload your images, photos, GIFs, and text on your status that will disappear after 24 hours. You can select the people whom you like to watch your status from the privacy option. You can send a message to several people at one time by creating a broadcast list.

Make your conservation more attractive using emojis and GIFs. Select different emojis funny or others from the app’s library and download sticker packs, and use the Giphy search engine for GIFs in the GIFs section. Share your photos, documents, and other media with your friends and family. It is an amazing feature that enables you to share your happiness as well as sad moments with your friends and family from anywhere.

Use a star as a reminder for your favorite messages for reading again and again or reply later. Use the ‘dark mod’ option for soothing your eyes at night. You can enable the themes by clicking three dots on the right corner and tapping on More Option>Settings>Chats>Theme.